February 26 All Events

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February 26th, 2008 (February 26 2008)DeathBuddy Miles, American drummer (Band of Gypsies; born in 1947)
February 26th, 2008 (February 26 2008)DeathDick Fletcher, Meteorologist (b.1942)
February 26th, 2008 (February 26 2008)DeathGlory Mukwati, Zimbabwean politician
February 26th, 2005 (February 26 2005)EventHosni Mubarak the president of Egypt orders the constitution changed to allow multi-candidate presidential elections before September 2005 by asking Egyptian parliament to amend Article 76 of the constitution.
February 26th, 2005 (February 26 2005)DeathJef Raskin, American computer scientist (born in 1943)Jef Raskin Quotes
February 26th, 2004 (February 26 2004)EventThe United States lifts a ban on travel to Libya, ending travel restrictions to the nation that had lasted for 23 years.
February 26th, 2004 (February 26 2004)EventMacedonian President Boris Trajkovski is killed in a plane crash near Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
February 26th, 2004 (February 26 2004)DeathShankarrao Chavan, Indian politician (born in 1920)
February 26th, 2004 (February 26 2004)DeathAdolf Ehrnrooth, Finnish general (born in 1905)
February 26th, 2004 (February 26 2004)DeathBoris Trajkovski, President of the Republic of Macedonia (born in 1956)
February 26th, 2003 (February 26 2003)DeathChristian Goethals, Belgian racing driver (born in 1928)
February 26th, 2002 (February 26 2002)DeathLawrence Tierney, American actor (born in 1919)
February 26th, 2001 (February 26 2001)EventThe Taliban destroy two giant Buddha statues in Bamyan, Afghanistan.
February 26th, 2001 (February 26 2001)DeathArturo Uslar Pietri, Venezuelan writer (born in 1906)
February 26th, 2000 (February 26 2000)DeathGeorge L. Street III American Navy Submariner and Medal of Honor recipient.(born in 1913)
February 26th, 1998 (February 26 1998)DeathJames Algar, American film director, screenwriter and producer (born in 1912)
February 26th, 1998 (February 26 1998)DeathTheodore Schultz, American economist, Nobel laureate (born in 1902)
February 26th, 1997 (February 26 1997)DeathDavid Doyle, American actor (born in 1929)
February 26th, 1995 (February 26 1995)EventThe United Kingdom s oldest investment banking firm, Barings Bank collapses after a securities broker, Nick Leeson, loses $1.4 billion by speculating on the Singapore International Monetary Exchange using futures contracts.Ang Lee Quotes
February 26th, 1995 (February 26 1995)DeathJack Clayton, British film director (born in 1921)
February 26th, 1994 (February 26 1994)DeathBill Hicks, American comedian (born in 1961)Bill Hicks Quotes
February 26th, 1993 (February 26 1993)EventWorld Trade Center bombing: In New York City, a truck bomb parked below the North Tower of the World Trade Center explodes, killing 6 and injuring over a thousand.
February 26th, 1993 (February 26 1993)BirthTaylor Dooley, American actress
February 26th, 1993 (February 26 1993)DeathConstance Ford, American actress (born in 1923)
February 26th, 1991 (February 26 1991)EventGulf War: On Baghdad Radio Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein announces the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait.Saddam Hussein Quotes
February 26th, 1990 (February 26 1990)EventThe Sandinistas are defeated in Nicaraguan elections.
February 26th, 1990 (February 26 1990)DeathCornell Gunter, American singer (The Coasters) (born in 1938)
February 26th, 1989 (February 26 1989)DeathRoy Eldridge, American musician (born in 1911)
February 26th, 1987 (February 26 1987)EventIran-Contra affair: The Tower Commission rebukes American President Ronald Reagan for not controlling his national security staff.Ronald Reagan Quotes
February 26th, 1987 (February 26 1987)BirthJulia Bond, American porn star
February 26th, 1986 (February 26 1986)EventPeople Power Revolution in the Philippines.
February 26th, 1986 (February 26 1986)BirthCrystal Kay, Japanese singer
February 26th, 1986 (February 26 1986)BirthTeresa Palmer, Australian model and actress
February 26th, 1985 (February 26 1985)BirthAlexandria Hilfiger, American actress, daughter of Tommy Hilfiger
February 26th, 1985 (February 26 1985)DeathTjalling Koopmans, Dutch economist, Nobel laureate (born in 1910)
February 26th, 1984 (February 26 1984)EventUS troops withdraw from Beirut. President Ronald Reagan had sent the troops as a peacekeeping force in August 1982.Ronald Reagan Quotes
February 26th, 1984 (February 26 1984)BirthEmmanuel Adebayor, Togolese footballer
February 26th, 1984 (February 26 1984)BirthNatalia Lafourcade, Mexican singer
February 26th, 1983 (February 26 1983)BirthKara Monaco, American model
February 26th, 1982 (February 26 1982)BirthSong Hye Kyo, South Korean model and actress
February 26th, 1981 (February 26 1981)BirthKertus Davis, American NASCAR driver
February 26th, 1981 (February 26 1981)BirthJohnathan Wendel, American professional video gamer
February 26th, 1981 (February 26 1981)DeathHoward Hanson, American composer (born in 1896)
February 26th, 1981 (February 26 1981)DeathRobert Aickman, English writer and conservationist (born in 1914)
February 26th, 1980 (February 26 1980)BirthAlex Fong, Hong Kong singer
February 26th, 1980 (February 26 1980)BirthGary Majewski, Major League Baseball player
February 26th, 1979 (February 26 1979)BirthCorinne Bailey Rae, English singer
February 26th, 1979 (February 26 1979)BirthMariano Bainotti, Argentine racing driver
February 26th, 1979 (February 26 1979)BirthPedro Mendes, Portuguese footballer
February 26th, 1979 (February 26 1979)BirthShalim Ortiz, Puerto Rican singer/actor
February 26th, 1978 (February 26 1978)BirthAbdoulaye Diagne-Faye, Senegalese footballer
February 26th, 1978 (February 26 1978)BirthMarc Hynes, British racing driver
February 26th, 1978 (February 26 1978)BirthJohn Tartaglia, Broadway performer and "Muppeteer"
February 26th, 1977 (February 26 1977)BirthMarty Reasoner, American ice hockey player
February 26th, 1977 (February 26 1977)BirthGreg Rikaart, American actor
February 26th, 1977 (February 26 1977)BirthJosh Towers, Major League Baseball player
February 26th, 1977 (February 26 1977)BirthShane Williams, Welsh International Rugby Player
February 26th, 1976 (February 26 1976)BirthNikolaos Siranidis, Greek diver
February 26th, 1976 (February 26 1976)BirthChad Urmston, American musician
February 26th, 1974 (February 26 1974)BirthSebastien Loeb, French rally driver
February 26th, 1973 (February 26 1973)BirthMarshall Faulk, American football player
February 26th, 1973 (February 26 1973)BirthOle Gunnar Solskj?r, Norwegian footballer
February 26th, 1973 (February 26 1973)BirthJenny Thompson, American swimmer
February 26th, 1972 (February 26 1972)EventThe Buffalo Creek Flood caused by a burst dam kills 125 in West Virginia.
February 26th, 1971 (February 26 1971)EventSecretary-General U Thant signs United Nations proclamation of the vernal equinox as Earth Day.U Thant Quotes
February 26th, 1971 (February 26 1971)BirthErykah Badu, American singer
February 26th, 1971 (February 26 1971)BirthMax Martin, Swedish composer and producer
February 26th, 1971 (February 26 1971)BirthHelene Segara, French singer
February 26th, 1971 (February 26 1971)DeathFernandel, French actor (born in 1903)
February 26th, 1970 (February 26 1970)EventNational Public Radio incorporates as a non-profit corporation.
February 26th, 1969 (February 26 1969)BirthHitoshi Sakimoto, Japanese composer Saki Quotes
February 26th, 1969 (February 26 1969)DeathLevi Eshkol, Prime Minister of Israel (born in 1895)
February 26th, 1969 (February 26 1969)DeathKarl Jaspers, German psychiatrist (born in 1883)
February 26th, 1968 (February 26 1968)BirthTim Commerford, American bass player (Rage Against the Machine)
February 26th, 1968 (February 26 1968)BirthEd Quinn, American Actor
February 26th, 1968 (February 26 1968)BirthJ.T. Snow, American baseball player
February 26th, 1967 (February 26 1967)BirthCurrie Graham, Canadian actor
February 26th, 1966 (February 26 1966)EventApollo Program: Launch of AS-201, the first flight of the Saturn IB rocket
February 26th, 1966 (February 26 1966)BirthNajwa Karam, Lebanese singer
February 26th, 1966 (February 26 1966)DeathVinayak Damodar Savarkar, Indian freedom fighter and writer (born in 1883)
February 26th, 1964 (February 26 1964)BirthMark Dacascos, American actor and martial artist Martial Quotes
February 26th, 1962 (February 26 1962)BirthKelly Gruber, former Major League Baseball player
February 26th, 1961 (February 26 1961)DeathKing Mohammed V of Morocco (born in 1909)
February 26th, 1960 (February 26 1960)BirthJaz Coleman, British musician
February 26th, 1959 (February 26 1959)BirthRolando Blackman, American basketball player
February 26th, 1958 (February 26 1958)BirthKaren Berger, American comic book editorRic Berger Quotes
February 26th, 1958 (February 26 1958)BirthMichel Houellebecq, French novelist
February 26th, 1958 (February 26 1958)BirthGreg Germann, American actor
February 26th, 1957 (February 26 1957)BirthDavid Muldrow Beasley, American politician
February 26th, 1957 (February 26 1957)BirthJoe Mullen, American ice hockey player
February 26th, 1956 (February 26 1956)BirthKeisuke Kuwata, Japanese singer
February 26th, 1954 (February 26 1954)BirthRecep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey
February 26th, 1953 (February 26 1953)BirthMichael Bolton, American singer
February 26th, 1952 (February 26 1952)EventUnited Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces that his nation has an atomic bomb.Winston Churchill Quotes
February 26th, 1950 (February 26 1950)BirthHelen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand
February 26th, 1950 (February 26 1950)BirthJonathan Cain, American musician (Journey, Bad English, The Babys)
February 26th, 1950 (February 26 1950)DeathSir Harry Lauder, Scottish Music Hall Entertainer, Knighted for WWI War Work (born in 1870)
February 26th, 1949 (February 26 1949)BirthElizabeth George, American novelist
February 26th, 1949 (February 26 1949)BirthEmma Kirkby, British early music singer
February 26th, 1947 (February 26 1947)BirthSandie Shaw, English singer
February 26th, 1947 (February 26 1947)DeathHeinrich Haberlin, Swiss politician, member of the Federal Council (born in 1868)
February 26th, 1946 (February 26 1946)BirthAhmed H. Zewail, Egyptian chemist, Nobel laureate
February 26th, 1945 (February 26 1945)BirthPeter Brock, Australian motorsports champion (died in 2006)
February 26th, 1945 (February 26 1945)BirthBob Hite, American singer and harmonicist (Canned Heat) (died in 1981)
February 26th, 1945 (February 26 1945)BirthGiannis Ioannidis, Greek basketball coach and politician
February 26th, 1945 (February 26 1945)BirthMarta Kristen, Norwegian actress
February 26th, 1945 (February 26 1945)BirthMitch Ryder, American musician (The Detroit Wheels)
February 26th, 1943 (February 26 1943)BirthBill Duke, American actor and director
February 26th, 1943 (February 26 1943)BirthDante Ferretti, Italian art director and costume designer
February 26th, 1943 (February 26 1943)DeathTheodor Eicke, Nazi official (born in 1892)
February 26th, 1941 (February 26 1941)BirthTony Ray-Jones, British photographer (died in 1972)
February 26th, 1939 (February 26 1939)BirthJosephine Tewson, English actress
February 26th, 1938 (February 26 1938)BirthEvagoras Pallikarides, Cypriot freedom fighter (died in 1957)
February 26th, 1937 (February 26 1937)BirthHagood Hardy, Canadian musician and composer (died in 1997)
February 26th, 1936 (February 26 1936)EventIn the February 26 Incident, young Japanese military officers attempt to stage a coup against the government.
February 26th, 1935 (February 26 1935)EventThe Luftwaffe is re-formed.
February 26th, 1935 (February 26 1935)EventThe Daventry Experiment, Robert Watson-Watt carries out a demonstration near Daventry which leads directly to the development of RADAR in the United Kingdom.
February 26th, 1934 (February 26 1934)BirthRobert Novak, American political columnist
February 26th, 1933 (February 26 1933)DeathPrincess Thyra, daughter of Christian IX of Denmark (born in 1853)
February 26th, 1932 (February 26 1932)BirthJohnny Cash, American singer (died in 2003)Johnny Cash Quotes
February 26th, 1931 (February 26 1931)BirthAlly MacLeod, Scottish footballer and manager (died in 2004)
February 26th, 1931 (February 26 1931)DeathOtto Wallach, German chemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1847)
February 26th, 1930 (February 26 1930)BirthLazar Berman, Russian pianist (died in 2005)
February 26th, 1929 (February 26 1929)EventThe Grand Teton National Park is created.
February 26th, 1928 (February 26 1928)BirthFats Domino, American musician
February 26th, 1928 (February 26 1928)BirthAnatoli Filipchenko, Soviet cosmonaut
February 26th, 1928 (February 26 1928)BirthMonique Leyrac, French Canadian singer and actress
February 26th, 1927 (February 26 1927)BirthTom Kennedy, American game show host
February 26th, 1926 (February 26 1926)BirthMiroslava Stern, Mexican actress (died in 1955)
February 26th, 1922 (February 26 1922)BirthMargaret Leighton, British actress (died in 1976)
February 26th, 1921 (February 26 1921)BirthBetty Hutton, American actress and singer (died in 2007)
February 26th, 1921 (February 26 1921)DeathCarl Menger, Austrian economist (born in 1840)
February 26th, 1920 (February 26 1920)BirthDanny Gardella, American baseball player (died in 2005)
February 26th, 1920 (February 26 1920)BirthTony Randall, American actor (died in 2004)
February 26th, 1920 (February 26 1920)BirthLucjan Wolanowski, Polish journalist, writer and traveller (died in 2006)
February 26th, 1919 (February 26 1919)EventAn act of the U.S. Congress establishes most of the Grand Canyon as a United States National Park (see Grand Canyon National Park).
February 26th, 1919 (February 26 1919)BirthMason Adams, American actor (died in 2005)
February 26th, 1919 (February 26 1919)BirthRie Mastenbroek, Dutch swimmer (died in 2003)
February 26th, 1918 (February 26 1918)BirthOtis Ray Bowen, American politician (Indiana Governor) and physician
February 26th, 1918 (February 26 1918)BirthTheodore Sturgeon, American writer (died in 1985)Theodore Sturgeon Quotes
February 26th, 1917 (February 26 1917)EventThe Original Dixieland Jass Band records the first ever jazz record for the Victor Talking Machine Company in New York.
February 26th, 1916 (February 26 1916)BirthJackie Gleason, American actor, writer, composer, and comedian (died in 1987)
February 26th, 1914 (February 26 1914)EventHMHS Britannic, sister to the Titanic, is launched at Harland & Wolff, Belfast.
February 26th, 1914 (February 26 1914)BirthRobert Alda, American actor (died in 1986)
February 26th, 1913 (February 26 1913)BirthGeorge Barker, English poet (died in 1991)George Barker Quotes
February 26th, 1913 (February 26 1913)DeathFelix Draeseke, German composer (born in 1835)
February 26th, 1912 (February 26 1912)BirthDane Clark, American actor (died in 1998)
February 26th, 1911 (February 26 1911)BirthTaro Okamoto, Japanese avant-garde artist (died in 1996)
February 26th, 1909 (February 26 1909)BirthKing Talal of Jordan (died in 1972)
February 26th, 1909 (February 26 1909)BirthFanny Cradock, English food writer and broadcaster (died in 1994)
February 26th, 1908 (February 26 1908)BirthTex Avery, American cartoonist (died in 1980)
February 26th, 1908 (February 26 1908)BirthLeela Majumdar, Bengali writer (died in 2007)
February 26th, 1908 (February 26 1908)BirthJean-Pierre Wimille, French race car driver (died in 1949)
February 26th, 1907 (February 26 1907)BirthDub Taylor, American actor (died in 1994)
February 26th, 1906 (February 26 1906)BirthMadeleine Carroll, English actress (died in 1987)
February 26th, 1903 (February 26 1903)BirthGiulio Natta, Italian chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1979)
February 26th, 1903 (February 26 1903)DeathRichard Jordan Gatling, American inventor (born in 1818)
February 26th, 1902 (February 26 1902)BirthJean Bruller, alias Vercors, French writer and illustrator (died in 1991)
February 26th, 1899 (February 26 1899)BirthMax Petitpierre, member of the Swiss Federal Council (died in 1994)
February 26th, 1893 (February 26 1893)BirthI. A. Richards, English literary critic (died in 1979)
February 26th, 1889 (February 26 1889)DeathKarl Davydov, Russian cellist (born in 1838)
February 26th, 1887 (February 26 1887)EventAt the SCG, George Lohmann becomes the first bowler to take eight wickets in a Test innings.
February 26th, 1887 (February 26 1887)BirthGrover Cleveland Alexander, American baseball player (died in 1950)Grover Cleveland Quotes
February 26th, 1887 (February 26 1887)BirthWilliam Frawley, American actor (died in 1966)
February 26th, 1887 (February 26 1887)BirthStefan Grabinski, Polish writer (died in 1936)
February 26th, 1885 (February 26 1885)EventThe Berlin Act, which resulted from the Berlin Conference regulating European colonization and trade in Africa, is signed
February 26th, 1885 (February 26 1885)BirthAleksandras Stulginskis, President of Lithuania (died in 1969)
February 26th, 1883 (February 26 1883)DeathAlexandros Koumoundouros, Greek politician, Prime Minister of Greece (born in 1817)
February 26th, 1882 (February 26 1882)BirthHusband E. Kimmel, American admiral (died in 1968)
February 26th, 1879 (February 26 1879)BirthFrank Bridge, English composer (died in 1941)
February 26th, 1870 (February 26 1870)EventIn New York City, the first pneumatic-subway opens.
February 26th, 1866 (February 26 1866)BirthHerbert Henry Dow, American chemical industrialist (died in 1930)
February 26th, 1864 (February 26 1864)DeathLouis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, French Canadian politician (born in 1807)
February 26th, 1863 (February 26 1863)EventU.S. President Abraham Lincoln signs the National Banking Act into law.Abraham Lincoln Quotes
February 26th, 1861 (February 26 1861)BirthKing Ferdinand of Bulgaria (died in 1948)
February 26th, 1861 (February 26 1861)BirthNadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya, Russian revolutionary, Lenin s wife (died in 1939)
February 26th, 1858 (February 26 1858)BirthVladimir Serbsky, Russian psychiatrist (died in 1917)
February 26th, 1857 (February 26 1857)BirthEmile Coue, French psychologist (died in 1926)
February 26th, 1852 (February 26 1852)BirthJohn Harvey Kellogg, American surgeon, advocate of dietary reform (died in 1943 )
February 26th, 1848 (February 26 1848)EventThe second French Republic is proclaimed.
February 26th, 1846 (February 26 1846)BirthWilliam F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, American frontiersman (died in 1917)
February 26th, 1829 (February 26 1829)BirthLevi Strauss, German-born clothing designer (died in 1902)
February 26th, 1821 (February 26 1821)DeathJoseph de Maistre, Savoyard diplomat and writer (born in 1753)
February 26th, 1815 (February 26 1815)EventNapoleon Bonaparte escapes from Elba.Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
February 26th, 1815 (February 26 1815)DeathPrince Josias of Coburg, Austrian general (born in 1737)
February 26th, 1814 (February 26 1814)BirthCharles Joseph Sainte-Claire Deville, French geologist (died in 1876)
February 26th, 1813 (February 26 1813)DeathRobert Livingston, American signer of the Declaration of Independence (born in 1746)
February 26th, 1808 (February 26 1808)BirthHonore Daumier, French painter, illustrator, and sculptor (died in 1879)
February 26th, 1808 (February 26 1808)BirthNathan Kelley,American architect, active mainly in Ohio, (d.1871)
February 26th, 1802 (February 26 1802)BirthVictor Hugo, French writer (died in 1885)Victor Hugo Quotes
February 26th, 1802 (February 26 1802)DeathEsek Hopkins, American Revolutionary War admiral (born in 1718)
February 26th, 1799 (February 26 1799)BirthEmile Clapeyron, French engineer and physicist (died in 1864)
February 26th, 1797 (February 26 1797)EventThe Bank of England issues the first one-pound and two-pound notes.
February 26th, 1794 (February 26 1794)EventChristiansborg Castle, Copenhagen burns down.
February 26th, 1786 (February 26 1786)BirthFrancois Arago, French mathematician (died in 1853)
February 26th, 1770 (February 26 1770)DeathGiuseppe Tartini, Italian composer (born in 1692)
February 26th, 1749 (February 26 1749)BirthJeremy Bentham, English jurist (died in 1832)
February 26th, 1746 (February 26 1746)BirthArchduchess Marie Amalie of Austria, duchess of Piacenza (died in 1806)
February 26th, 1726 (February 26 1726)DeathMaximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria (born in 1662)
February 26th, 1723 (February 26 1723)DeathThomas d Urfey, English writer (born in 1653)
February 26th, 1720 (February 26 1720)BirthGian Francesco Albani, Italian Catholic cardinal (died in 1803)
February 26th, 1715 (February 26 1715)BirthClaude Adrien Helvetius, French philosopher (died in 1771) Philo Quotes
February 26th, 1714 (February 26 1714)BirthJames Hervey, English clergyman and writer (died in 1758)
February 26th, 1672 (February 26 1672)BirthAntoine Augustine Calmet, French theologian (died in 1757)
February 26th, 1671 (February 26 1671)BirthAnthony Ashley-Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, English politician and philosopher (died in 1713) Philo Quotes
February 26th, 1658 (February 26 1658)EventTreaty of Roskilde: After a devastating defeat in the Northern Wars (1655-1661), the King of Denmark-Norway is forced to give up nearly half his territory to Sweden to save the rest.
February 26th, 1638 (February 26 1638)DeathClaude Gaspard Bachet de Meziriac, French mathematician (born in 1681)
February 26th, 1630 (February 26 1630)DeathWilliam Brade, English composer (born in 1560)
February 26th, 1608 (February 26 1608)DeathJohn Still, English bishop
February 26th, 1587 (February 26 1587)BirthStefano Landi, Italian composer (died in 1639)
February 26th, 1577 (February 26 1577)DeathKing Eric XIV of Sweden (born in 1533)
February 26th, 1564 (February 26 1564)BirthChristopher Marlowe, English dramatist (died in 1593)Christopher Marlowe Quotes
February 26th, 1561 (February 26 1561)DeathJorge de Montemayor, Spanish writer
February 26th, 1552 (February 26 1552)DeathHeinrich Faber, German composer
February 26th, 1361 (February 26 1361)BirthWenceslaus, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia (died in 1419)
February 26th, 1360 (February 26 1360)DeathRoger Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March, English military leader (born in 1328)
February 26th, 1266 (February 26 1266)EventBattle of Benevento: An army led by Charles, Count of Anjou, defeats a combined German and Sicilian force led by King Manfred of Sicily. Manfred is killed in the battle and Pope Clement IV invests Charles as king of Sicily and Naples.
February 26th, 1266 (February 26 1266)DeathKing Manfred of Sicily
February 26th, 1200 (February 26 1200)DeathSymeon, former Serbian ruler and saint
February 26th, 1154 (February 26 1154)DeathKing Roger II of Sicily (born in 1093)
February 26th, 0747 (February 26 0747)EventEpoch (origin) of Ptolemy s Nabonassar Era. Ptolemy Quotes
February 26th, 0364 (February 26 0364)EventValentinian I is proclaimed Roman Emperor.

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